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Stop Doing It Alone

How to build an Online business using current tools and techniques.

You start your network marketing opportunity and are so excited for the possibilities.

You share your products with a ton of enthusiasm because they are “so great”!

You continue to go full force only to find no one is the least bit interested. Sound familiar?

I saw the look on my friends faces and instantly knew this was not going to go well. You get some sympathy orders from people that take pity on you, but then they seem to avoid you after that at all cost.

I’ve totally been there and slowly started learning why attraction marketing could save these relationships. 

I realized that I had no interest in bugging my friends and family to buy my products. My friendships are more important than any sale.

I felt completely deflated after this experience. I couldn’t understand how my high expectations were so different from my actual experience.

Several realizations came to mind:

  • I am not a sales person.
  • I don’t know how to sell.
  • I have to share before and after photos, that will sell.
  • I was taking all of this advice and still working alone...

The advice I was given:

  • Make a list of 100 people
  • Contact 2 people each day
  • Share the Product samples (this got expensive)
  • Have a home party (Pray people show up)

After having zero results, I started to analyze what I was doing. There had to be something that I was doing wrong.

 I have worked in business my whole career and these activities did not seem to be connected to a business growth strategy. These activities felt more like a part time job than running business of my own.

I started to look at this new venture like one of my previous MBA projects.

What is changing in the market? What is available to make my business more effective and efficient? Is there a better way?

Here is what I found: Not only was the market view global (I could reach so many more people than I realized), there are much better tools to leverage!

Back, a long time ago, when I went to school, we learned the four Ps of Marketing: People, Place, Product and Price.

Now marketing online has similar concepts with a more effective approach. People, Presentation, Purpose (Solution), and Price (Value).

I could truly make a global team with social media that could deliver maximum results and it is easily duplicated so I could share the value with my team.

Marketing is how businesses work toward gaining the right customers. Marketing concepts and tools can be used to attract the right customers and best teammates to our home-based business.

Previously, you could have a list of 100 random people to contact and you might see average results. About 6-10% will say yes which means you could gain 6-10 customers for every 100 people you reach out to.

I found that if you truly treat this like a business and create a list of people that are more likely to be interested (instead of anyone you could think of), you could have a list of 50 and have on average about 30% say yes and gain 15 more customers.

You could use your time more effectively and your results could be doubled.

It’s the perfect recipe for business success: more effective + more efficient.

After several weeks of research I found that these concepts are most effective using online attraction marketing techniques which you can learn in the FREE Attraction Marketing Bootcamp. Click here for access.

These new tools are an ideal fit for any business, but especially a home- based business. Attraction marketing has proven to be effective and the available online tools make it efficient for you.

Now, how do you do this? How do you treat this like a business?

1) People buy from people they know, like and trust. Engage and allow people to get to know you.
2) Customers need see that your product solves a problem for them. You are selling the solution not the product.
 3) Don’t be afraid to move on if they don’t need your product at this time. Your posture will make them contact you when they are ready and your follow up will be well received. Your business will not be a fit for everyone and that’s okay!

If you are ready to learn the how to take your home-based business from a hobby to a sustainable business sign up for the FREE Attraction Marketing Bootcamp and get the techniques and tools you need to grow. Click here to sign up.

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Throughout her 20+ years in business, Cheryl discovered that her highest personal profits (both emotional and financial) are generated from her personal confidence and commitment to results. It's this passion for both the improvement of herself and others that's brought her here today to share her secrets with you. Outside of her career, Cheryl is an avid sports fan that is devoted to her family and friends. Describing her life as chaotic and fun, Cheryl is best known for facing challenges, no matter what they are with a super positive attitude.

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