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How to create a “Side Hustle” and why you need one…..

After a crazy string of events in 2017, I realized, I was not emotionally or financially prepared for what happened to me. 

Let me tell you what happened….

I thought I was totally prepared.  I worked super hard to create savings over the years.  Little did I know that it only takes a few things to go wrong and it can wipe out everything you’ve saved...  This year has been a series of events that did just that.  

My son broke his arm in a Lacrosse game.  Not just any lacrosse game, it was the city championship.  He broke his arm in the game with 5 minutes to go.  We were up 6 to 4.  While he was on the bench being evaluated by the trainer, the other team scored 2 and tied it up.  It was crazy exciting and very scary all at the same time.  Fortunately, my son’s friend scored the winning goal with 8.6 seconds left in the game!  We Won!   We then find out he will need surgery to repair and plate his arm.  Good news he fully recovers in 8 weeks.  Bad news, we get a huge bill ($).   

Next, my husband notices an unusual mole develop on his fore head. He goes to the dermatologist and it is a cancerous melanoma.  Good news, they do a procedure to take care of it.  Bad news, we get a huge bill ($).

Oh and I forgot to mention, something looked not quite right with my dog’s ear.  It was swelled up and had fluid in it.  We took him to the vet; they said it would be ok.  Typically, this kind of injury will fix itself over the next couple weeks.  Great!  Except, unfortunately, his ear got worse instead of better.  We go back to the vet and discover it is infected. He will need surgery to repair his poor ear.  Good news, he will be ok and they can fix it.  Bad news, we get a huge bill ($).

These events all happened within 4-5 months and I’m thankful I have a savings, but now it’s wiped out.…. And now I have a bigger problem: My son is a senior and getting ready for college and I am not even close to being emotionally or financially ready.

What am I going to do?

I recently read this article” Even Senior Executives Need a Side Hustle” by Dorie Clark on November 29, 2017 in Harvard Business Review.   Wow, it really got my attention.  The benefits of a “Side Hustle” included learning new skills, growing your income and enhancing your personal brand.  All of these benefits can only help me in a variety of ways.

I need a “Side Hustle” to build my savings back up and be even more prepared if something happens.  So what makes a good “Side Hustle”?   I took some time to see what kind of “side Hustle would work for me.  I had no desire to leave my career.  When I made my list of what I could work with.

My ‘Side Hustle” needed to be:

  • Part time – I have no desire to leave my full time job and career
  • Flexible – I needed to fit it in with my lifestyle
  • At Home – I need to be able to work it from home.

Luckily, I found a fantastic network marketing opportunity to generate income.  Easy, right?  (Not exactly as easy as I thought)  How am I going to find time to host parties, do 3 way calls and meetings?  I work full time and this seemed impossible. I still marched along and quickly gave away samples that did not result in customers…..

There has to be a better way.  I did some research and of course there is a better way.  I found a proven strategy that allows me to easily find leads that are open to my opportunity.  These leads turn into teammates in my business.  The best part about this strategy is that is entirely online.  I can easily work this strategy to fit my busy schedule. 

Even better, this new attraction marketing strategy is that I can get paid while I learn and grow my team.

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Throughout her 20+ years in business, Cheryl discovered that her highest personal profits (both emotional and financial) are generated from her personal confidence and commitment to results. It's this passion for both the improvement of herself and others that's brought her here today to share her secrets with you. Outside of her career, Cheryl is an avid sports fan that is devoted to her family and friends. Describing her life as chaotic and fun, Cheryl is best known for facing challenges, no matter what they are with a super positive attitude.

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