About Cheryl – Be Your Best with Cheryl

The one thing you should know about Cheryl is that she is emotionally attached to profit.  She’s found that her highest personal profits are generated from her confidence, commitment, and skills.  Her 20+ years of business experience has taught her that people are the greatest asset in any organization and we all do our best work when we are confident and are unified under one vision. 

Awareness plus action is her secret, yet simple formula to achieving her goals.  The purposeful combination of freedom, growth, and fun is how Cheryl makes any challenge interesting and rewarding.  You can guarantee that there is never a dull moment in her life!

Professional Background

Cheryl’s career in business is a combination of finance and process Improvement. She has held executive level positions as a Financial Controller and a Process Improvement Director for 15 years.  Driving meaningful improvements and successful project implementations has helped her develop a leadership style that empowers her team and delivers results.  

She has a passion for making her work both effective and efficient, keeping her internal and external customers satisfied.  Her latest focus is on marketing where customers find great solutions to meet their needs.  However, it’s not only meeting the customer’s needs, but also anticipating their needs is where real business success begins.


Family is Cheryl’s foundation to her personal support.  Family support in the way of love, energy and fun give her courage and drive to always try new things.  She loves family vacations, even when they don’t go as planned…

Did we mention it’s never a dull moment with her?  Cheryl and her husband Bill have been married for over 25 years and have a 17 year old son, Thomas. They also have two adorable Dalmatians, Treeko and Shamrock, that consistently keep everyone on their toes!

Stuff you might not know about Cheryl: 

  • Cheryl has many recreational interests including sports, photography, reading, and staying healthy
  • Although she enjoys all sports, she has a love of Syracuse Basketball and both college & professional Football (especially Fantasy Football).
  • She started her love of photography by taking the much dreaded Family pictures and it developed into action shots of sports and nature.
  • She is often reading books or listening to books on Audible to gain insight into new ideas and techniques of personal development. She was looking for the book with all the answers and found that the each book provided tools for a variety of situations. After 20 years of reading well over 150 books, her real lesson was learning how to uses all the tools to be her best every day.
  • Cheryl has suffered from many food sensitivities and allergies her whole life makes health & wellness a priority to feel her best.  She finds that eating healthy food and exercising regularly helps her stay focused and creative every day. 

     Contact Info: Cheryl Young  - Facebook @BeYourBestwithCheryl  845.293.3811